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Welcome to the last month of winter! To kick things off in our latest newsletter we provide insight into why financial literacy is so important for young children.

We discuss the ins and outs of SMSFs and collectibles. And, we look at why you need to check your bank statements regularly.

We hope our final article on conquering stress and increasing productivity provides you with some inspiration.

Key dates:

  • 14 August - Due date to lodge the PAYG payment summary statement for the year ended 30 June 2017
  • 21 August - Due date to lodge and pay monthly activity statements for July 2017
  • 25 August - Due date to lodge and pay quarterly activity statements for the June 2017 quarter
  • 28 August - Due date to lodge the taxable payments annual report for subcontractors for the year ended 30 June 2017
Give your children a saving and investing edge - for life

Perhaps the best way to give your young children a lifetime saving and investing advantage is to ensure they are as financially literate as possible, as early as possible in their lives.

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SMSFs and Collectibles

Thinking of having your SMSF invest in artworks or jewellery that you can admire on your wall or on your wrist? Think again. It may seem like a good idea, but it’s strictly forbidden.

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Follow the money and save - check your bank statements

It's true, checking your bank statement every time you get one can really help you save money. If you find a mistake on your statement you can challenge it with your bank or the company who has taken out the money, to ensure you are only paying for thing you need to.

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4 simple ways to conquer stress AND increase productivity

Our busy lifestyles often mean high levels of stress impacting productivity and health. Research shows practising mindfulness can reverse these effects for improved efficiency and well-being.

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